She’s Not An Ordinary Pop Star: Meet Charlotte Lawrence

LA life is full of glitzy high-end parties, sunny beach days, social media frenzies & the strive to become big in a city where, literally, everyone pursues to do the same. However, Charlotte Lawrence effortlessly has made it big in both the worlds of fashion & music. The LA native has become a high end model for top publications such as Paper Magazine, V Magazine & Teen Vogue among others & simultaneously, Lawrence’s vulnerable penmanship skills backed up by synth-pop beats has landed her successful songs such as “Just The Same” & “Sleep Talking” making her an artist to definitely look out for this year.


This month Charlotte released the first taste of her upcoming era with “Why Do You Love Me,” a bass filled banger about the paradoxical nature of a romantic relationship. The single is poised to become a radio hit, and with her recent label signing with Atlantic Records, Lawrence is coming for a pop reckoning


Pop Crave got the chance to speed to the bedroom pop singer about her brand new single, upcoming tour & musical inspiration that has helped shape her sound:



With your new single, “Why Do You Love Me” you worked with hitmakers Charlie Puth, Ryan Tedder, Andrew Watt, Louis Bell, & Ali Tamposi. How was it working with them in the studio, and what artistic flavors did they bring to the track?


it was absolutely amazing working with them.  not only do i look up to them as creative, intelligent, and insanely talented people, but i also look at them as my close friends.


i think what’s different about these producers/songwriters is at the heart they are true musicians. they all know how how to sing, write, produce, play instruments, and you can hear how evident that is in the music we make together.


i feel so lucky to be able to make music with them. every single moment in the studio is magical!


You’ve announced “The Navy Blue Tour” recently. What is one message you want your fans to take with them after watching your show?


all i want is for them to feel good!


to me, music heals. the feeling of connecting with an artist you love, feeling like they’re speaking to you, like their lyrics are exactly what you’re going through, and being able to mentally heal yourself in one way or another through music (even if it’s temporary) is so sacred to me.


no matter what negativity is going on in my life, i feel euphoria, joy and love every concert i see.


so i hope that people who come to the shows are able to feel even a small percentage of that!



As you embark on your new musical era, how different is the Charlotte Lawrence of today compared to the Lawrence of the ‘Young’ EP? 


i believe all of my music from ‘Young’ to now reflects my growth as an artist and as a human. it’s been a year since Young came out and truthfully it’s been the most amazing year of learning new instruments, new sounds and new ways to write. i like to consider myself a sponge in that sense – i always want to learn from experience and my peers. I feel like I’m truly evolving and finding my sound as i grow older.


one significant difference for me is i feel like the music behind the lyrics is definitely more legitimate, in the sense of live guitars and live drums rather than everything being solely electronically made. i genuinely love the music i’ve been making and feel more comfortable in my own skin than i ever have.


Who are your major musical inspirations that have helped you discover your sound?


definitely old school avril lavigne, i grew up idolizing her and all i wanted was to be a badass rock star who could also belt out a sad song. i also have alllllways loved justin vernon (i say that all the time but my obsession with bon iver has yet to fade), stevie nicks, joni mitchell, and the beatles – they’re forever #1.



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